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Zoho, the global technology company based out of India, has confirmed that it will soon be launching a series of new initiatives in Bahrain. The announcement follows the company’s recently forged alliance with StartUp Bahrain.

Hyther Nizam, president of Zoho’s Middle East operations also noted that the company is currently in talks with the Bahrain Economic Development Board (EDB) as the company prepares to launch the exciting new initiatives.

“The partnership with Startup Bahrain is a foundational part of our long-term strategy in Bahrain. We have been able to support the vibrant Bahraini startup ecosystem while strengthening our relationships with the visionary government offices in Bahrain,” he added.

Zoho is already a familiar brand in Bahrain and it offers solutions to businesses across all industries and niches including education, retail, professional services, real estate, IT, and so on. One of the company’s most popular offerings, Zoho One, has done particularly well in the Kingdom as it comes loaded with a comprehensive and all-in-one suite of enterprise applications.

Nizam further added by saying, “Over the last few months, we have grown considerably in Bahrain. Our customer base has grown by 85% and products like Books and Workplace have recorded tremendous growth, 188 per cent and 83 per cent, respectively.”

Zoho is also taking some serious measures to boost the privacy of its software offerings. To that effect, the company is getting rid of third-party trackers on its website.