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Zoho Corporation
has launched a new and comprehensive modular solution called BackToWork to help businesses transition back into the on-premise workspace. This is the latest offering from the India-based enterprise software maker to help businesses navigate the operational challenges thrown in by COVID-19. 

Previously in March 2020, the company rolled out Zoho Remotely, a suite of 11 applications, to enable businesses of all sizes to continue their operations via remote work. It was a massive success in several markets across the world given that remote workspaces became the new normal against the backdrop of the pandemic. 

BackToWork is powered by Zoho Creator and it will remain free for everyone until the end of 2020. Zoho promises that the new application is scalable to businesses of all sizes and it is compatible with the requirements of virtually every department and division within the typical organization — be it the offices of Chief Operations Officers, Chief Human Resources Officers, Facility Heads, and pretty much everything in between.

The application features six different modules to help ease the process of re-entering the workspace. These include safe entry, employee wellness assessments, admin control panel, maintenance and assets, volunteering, and communications.

Raju Vegesna, Chief Evangelist at Zoho, issued a statement following the launch of BackToWork saying, “[….] we’ve seen tremendous successes from businesses moving their entire operations quickly onto the Remotely platform. Likewise, we’ve seen customers applying to ESAP and rebuilding their organizations online using the VRP. Now that organizations are planning to re-open in some parts of the world, we want to help them resurge, this time through BackToWork, and application enabling companies to maintain end-to-end workplace safety.”