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With a strategic focus on nurturing talent and fostering innovation, Bahrain has earned its place among the top contenders in global talent rankings! Central to this success are the training programs supported by Tamkeen, Bahrain’s Labour Fund, which support talent development across various sectors including entrepreneurship and emerging technologies.

High Rankings in Talent: Bahrain’s relentless efforts in training and development have propelled its talent to a skill level on par with high performing global talent. With a skilled workforce and a robust ecosystem supporting talent development, Bahrain consistently ranks high in global talent competitiveness reports. This recognition underscores the kingdom’s dedication to nurturing a skilled workforce equipped to tackle the challenges of the future. For example, Tamkeen’s Professional Certification Program enables Bahrainis of all ages to attain professional qualifications in various fields to enhance their skills and prepare them for career growth.

Tamkeen’s Entrepreneurship Programs: Development initiatives are on the rise in the Kingdom and Tamkeen offers a range of programs aimed at empowering aspiring entrepreneurs. Through initiatives like Mashroo3i, Tamkeen provides aspiring entrepreneurs with the necessary training, mentorship, resources, and financial support to turn their business ideas into reality.

Global Ready Talent Program: Adding to its repertoire of training initiatives, this program focuses on training and skill development through international job placements, ensuring Bahraini talent is equipped with the necessary skills and experience to compete on a global scale! With Global Ready Talent, Tamkeen aims to enhance Bahrain’s talent pool and bolster its position as a hub for skilled professionals.

Focus on Emerging Technologies: In addition to entrepreneurship, Tamkeen places a strong emphasis on training and development in key sectors like emerging technologies! Through specialized training programs and partnerships with industry leaders, Tamkeen equips Bahraini talent with the skills and knowledge needed to excel in these rapidly evolving fields. With initiatives like the Riyada Business Accelerator Program, the General Assembly Academy, Think Tank and Reboot Coding Institute, supporting the development of talent in software engineering, data science, 3D modeling, data analytics, UI/UX and entrepreneurial skills, the Kingdom is further investing in the development of talent to support the growth of strategic sectors.

With Tamkeen’s pioneering programs, Bahrain is nurturing a skilled workforce capable of driving economic growth and prosperity, while reaffirming its position as a leading destination for businesses and individuals seeking to thrive in the dynamic global landscape.