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Launching a startup can be a challenging and overwhelming journey, but in Bahrain, founders have access to a support system that is designed to help them succeed. From idea generation to scaling, there are several entities and organizations that you or founder friends  can turn to for help. Here’s a quick guide that covers some of the supporting entities for startups in Bahrain to help you on your journey: 

  • Brinc Batelco IoT Hub is dedicated to fostering the growth of IoT and entrepreneurship in the region by bringing together entrepreneurs to learn, ideate, collaborate, and accelerate in a high-tech, creative space. The hub is an ideal place for training and knowledge sessions that we all look forward to! 
  • Bahrain Institute of Banking and Finance (BIBF) constantly offers programs designed to support entrepreneurs in the development of their skills and growth of their businesses, like their Management and Financial Training For Entrepreneurs program, tailored to help founders in developing essential business, management, and financial skills. It consists of ten sessions led by experts and experienced startup mentors with valuable guidance.
  • Of course, the synonym for providing support in the Kingdom is Tamkeen, and they offer a multitude of training, mentorship, and funding programs and opportunities to help entrepreneurs develop their ideas and turn them into thriving businesses! Have you heard of Global-Ready Entrepreneur or Innovation programs? Well, that’s what we’re here for! 
  • The Collective Hub is a community based co-working space for both startups and investors under one roof, with an environment for stress-free work and collaboration! They also partnered up with Tamkeen for the “All Things Media” program which focuses on enriching and upskilling Bahraini Startups and Creatives in the media and creative industry!
  • Diwan is redefining the creative workspace startups in Bahrain and offers a range of facilities that keep you comfortable and focused, all while maintaining the creative aspect. But that’s not all! With different packages and perks, Diwan plays a vital role in supporting the Bahraini startup ecosystem by hosting many knowledge sessions and networking events that could benefit every startup. 
  • Tenmou is Bahrain’s first Business Angels Company doesn’t just invest in scalable, tech-focused startups, they also provide mentorship and capital to innovative Bahraini entrepreneurs. The more innovative you are, the more high-potential you get!  
  • FinHub 973, by the Central Bank of Bahrain (CBB), is your one and only digital innovation platform that doesn’t just connect but facilitates collaboration between financial institutions and FinTechs under the supervision of the bank. If you haven’t heard of The Regulatory Sandbox before, get ready for it. It’s a virtual space for Fintechs and other businesses interested in testing their innovative tech banking and financial solutions and you can apply whenever! 
  • A chance to enter international business markets and achieve global growth? That’s what Export Bahrain aims for with their solutions! Designed to provide startups with short-term financing and capital requirements, Export Bahrain strives to take your startup everywhere.
  • Bahrain FinTech Bay supports FinTech startups in Bahrain with a range of resources, including training, mentorship, and networking opportunities to help FinTech startups develop their cutting-edge technology solutions and bring them to the awaiting, excited masses!
  • Bahrain Development Bank (BDB) provides financing and support to SMEs as well as loans, guarantees, and technical assistance to help entrepreneurs get their businesses off the ground! They are a catalyst for economic growth in Bahrain by fostering a conducive environment for business development.

As you can see, Bahrain has a comprehensive support system for startups and provides founders with the resources and opportunities they need to succeed, and this doesn’t even cover all of them! There are so many entities and organizations that entrepreneurs can turn to for help, but for now, we hope this can make your day easier and your journey a little smoother.