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With its progressive policies, supportive initiatives, and inclusive environment, Bahrain is nurturing a new generation of trailblazing women entrepreneurs! The Kingdom’s commitment to empowering women is exemplified through initiatives like Tamkeen’s Riyadat program and rising startups like Playbook, by offering educational resources and networking opportunities to enable Bahraini women to develop and expand their business ventures while helping them with their career progression. 

Unlocking Financing Solutions for Women Entrepreneurs

At the heart of Bahrain’s support for women entrepreneurs lies the Riyadat program, designed by Tamkeen to provide tailored financing solutions. Through Riyadat, Bahraini women receive crucial financial support to establish, grow and scale their business ventures, further contributing to Bahrain’s economic growth.. By eliminating financial barriers, Riyadat empowers women to turn their entrepreneurial visions into reality, fostering economic growth and creating a more equitable business landscape.

In 2022, Shaikha Deena Bint Rashid Al Khalifa, Assistant Secretary-General of the Supreme Council for Women, highlighted significant achievements in Bahrain’s women entrepreneurship landscape. She revealed that 42% of active commercial registrations and 53% of virtual commercial registrations in Bahrain were owned by women. Moreover, she emphasized the remarkable sustainability of women-owned commercial registrations, with a noteworthy 37% of these businesses successfully operating for more than five years. These statistics underscore the increasing prominence and long-term viability of women-led businesses in Bahrain’s dynamic economy.

Empowering Women’s Career Progression

Aspiring to accelerate career progression for women, Bahrain’s Playbook offers a groundbreaking Edutainment platform. Playbook combines the power of educational masterclasses with a vibrant community network. Through these masterclasses, women gain access to valuable insights, practical skills, and expert guidance across various domains. From leadership sessions to business strategies, the Playbook equips women with the tools and community support they need to excel in their careers.

Additionally, the engaged community network fosters mentorship and collaboration, amplifying women’s professional growth opportunities within Bahrain’s entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Through strategic initiatives, supportive programs, and a vibrant ecosystem, the Kingdom is nurturing the growth of women-led startups and promoting their role in driving economic prosperity. As more women entrepreneurs break barriers and contribute to Bahrain’s innovation-driven economy, the Kingdom is poised to become a global leader in fostering gender equality within the space of entrepreneurial success!