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As Bahrain charts its course towards its vision of an optimal ecosystem where innovative startups can thrive and push the boundaries of possibility, the heartbeat of this vision lies in the hands of those who are able to take startups to different heights beyond just mere ideas – the programmers. Thus, it is important to address the potential shortage of programmers for startups within the community. 

In a recent poll, we turned to you to weigh in on the key factors that should be prioritized in order to address the lack of programmers for startups and this is what you thought. 

At the forefront of your recommendations, 32% of votes were in favor of instating coding curricula in schools to instill technical skills at a very early age of potential programmers. This early education in programming underscores the significance of laying a strong foundation in order to ensure the next generation of skilled programmers that may contribute to the success of the startup ecosystem. 

Close on its heels with 27% of votes, is the call for enhancing and improving existing academic programs within universities. This reflects on the community’s consensus to refine higher education curriculums in order to better equip students with the latest developments in the tech field. Enabling graduates to be up to date with the latest technological advancements is a necessity, and preventing any further delays by catching up with the most recent requirements of the market. 

A notable percentage of 24% were cast in favor of a nation-wide initiative to promote programming to gain the interests of a larger audience. This would suggest a collective effort to shift the mindsets of the population to view coding as a vital skill needed in the market. 

The call from our community is loud and clear and there is no better time to act than now. The above strategies could potentially allow Bahrain to bridge the gap and strengthen its position as a technological innovation hub. Thus, Allowing Bahrain to surge towards unparalleled progress and allowing our entrepreneurs to be leading pioneers in various, cutting-edge tech fields.