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Bahrain’s eyes are set on a future driven by entrepreneurship and a successful startup ecosystem. But no ecosystem is deemed to be successful without innovation so we set OUR eyes on the very heart of innovation – our students. 

It is paramount to integrate the correct mindset within educational curriculums to ensure students’ contributions to the ecosystem. In a recently conducted poll, community members were asked to elaborate on what areas should we focus on first to encourage a positive outlook on startups among students in Bahrain.

Establishing startup-focused clubs in universities received a resounding endorsement of 41% votes by members. This reflects industry beliefs of practical experience being a significant contributing factor to embed a startup-friendly mindset on students. These clubs will act as the optimal environment for nurturing entrepreneurial spirit, equipping students with the necessary skills, mentorship, and networking opportunities that are vital for success in the dynamic Bahraini startup landscape and beyond! 

Bridging the gap between educational institutions and practical applications of students’ academics seems to be an agreed upon core principle. Internship programs connecting startups with educational institutions secured an impressive 25% of the remaining votes. These programs would serve as important channels for real-world exposure and offer student startups access to fresh perspectives and talent, fostering mutually beneficial relationships.

As a university student and inspiring entrepreneur, initiatives like startup-focused clubs in universities could allow students to interact with like-minded individuals and meet potential co-founders from different majors and specializations. I believe that university goes beyond just purely academic education and meaningful extracurricular activities. This could enable students to find practical and innovative applications of their different fields of studies while utilizing the talents of other students. 

In summary, it is evident from our community’s feedback that placing emphasis on different aspects of academic curricula is imperative. By heeding these insights, Bahrain is set to cultivate a cohort of visionary founders who will propel the nation towards a future marked by extraordinary progress and innovation. So keep your eyes on the lookout for Bahrain’s students!