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Exporting your products or services internationally can be a game-changer for startups, SMEs, and micro-businesses, right? It opens up new markets, boosts revenue, and leads to substantial growth. However, entering the world of international trade can be a little bit daunting, especially for first-time exporters. That’s where Export Bahrain comes into play  with their Startup Exporter Solution, saving the day yet again!

Empowering First-Time Exporters

The Startup Exporter Solution is tailor-made for first-time exporters with a special focus on startups and SMEs. Whether you’re looking to export your products abroad for the first time or expand your existing export services, this solution is designed to support you all the way in your journey.

Unlocking Export Grants

One of the most significant hurdles for exporters is the initial financial investment required to kickstart international trade. Export Bahrain recognizes and understands how challenging this financial burden is, and offers a solution that can significantly ease it. Through the Startup Exporter Solution, exporters can present their export plans to Export Bahrain for evaluation.

If your plan aligns with the program’s objectives and eligibility criteria, you could be eligible for small grants. These grants can cover up to 20% of the initial value of your first export transaction, providing you with essential financial support to get started on your international business journey.

Driving Export Growth

The primary objectives of the Startup Exporter Solution are simple, yet powerful:

  • Encourage First Exports: Many businesses hesitate to take the first step into international markets due to financial concerns or a lack of knowledge about the export process. Export Bahrain aims to inspire businesses to fulfill their first export, breaking down barriers to entry and fostering a culture of international trade.
  • Expand Market Reach: Exporting isn’t just about selling your products or services in one foreign market; it’s about exploring multiple destination countries. By supporting businesses in tapping into new markets, Export Bahrain aims to increase the number of countries served by Bahraini exporters.

And to make it easier, the eligibility criteria for the Startup Exporter Solution are pretty straightforward:

  • First-Time Exporters: If you’re new to exporting, this program is designed for you. It provides the guidance and financial support you need to navigate the complexities of international trade successfully.
  • Existing Exporters with New Offerings: If you’re an existing exporter looking to introduce new services or product lines to your export portfolio, this solution can help you expand your horizons.
  • Active Bahraini Commercial Registration: To participate, your company should hold an active Bahraini Commercial Registration in the Kingdom of Bahrain or a Virtual Commercial Registration (Sijili).
  • Local Production Standards: Your goods should meet the minimum standards of local production, including being manufactured or processed locally.

Export Bahrain’s solution isn’t just about financial support; it’s a comprehensive program that empowers startups and small businesses to take their first steps into international trade. With support from Export Bahrain, you can confidently enter new markets, increase your revenue streams, and become a competitive player on the global stage!

While Export Bahrain is committed to helping startups and SMEs unlock their export potential, it’s essential to review and meet the specific terms and conditions of this initiative. These conditions ensure that the solution offered remains fair and accessible to all eligible businesses. 

So, if you’ve been dreaming of expanding your business beyond borders, the Startup Exporter Solution is your gateway to global markets. Take that leap of faith, and let Export Bahrain guide you on your export journey!