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Bahrain’s startup ecosystem has witnessed remarkable growth over the years, with Tamkeen playing a pivotal role in nurturing and empowering entrepreneurship. But there are a few notable, innovative, success stories that showcase just how far the impact of Tamkeen’s support and guidance is. Let’s start, shall we?

Unipal‘s journey, from launching their first website in 2019 to expanding their operations to Riyadh in 2023, has been closely supported by Tamkeen. And what a journey it has been! Reflecting on their symbiotic relationship, Ali Alalawi, Unipal’s Co-Founder and CEO, credits Tamkeen’s programs, Tech Disruptors and Global Ready Entrepreneur, as instrumental initiatives that pushed Unipal’s growth beyond expectations. 

Ali Alalawi stated, “We wouldn’t cross the milestones throughout the years without Tamkeen’s support and it’s difficult to imagine where Unipal would be had Tamkeen not been a part of our journey from the very start.” 

As for Doobi, they set off to revolutionize laundry services through smart, innovative technology. Tamkeen’s support marked a turning point, enabling Doobi to overcome operational challenges and scale their services efficiently to meet customer satisfaction. We testify to their awesomeness!

Emad Kooheji, Co-Founder and CEO of Doobi, expressed, “Tamkeen’s guidance and resources enabled us to implement crucial improvements from upgrading our technology infrastructure to enhancing our service offerings. This support not only streamlined our operations but also allowed us to better serve our customers and grow our business exponentially.

Next, we have EazyPay! Established in 2016, Eazy Financial Services launched “EazyPay” and it gradually became one of the most credible digital payment services in the Kingdom by achieving their main goals towards seamless transactions, adopting innovative new trends and new payment solutions that would evolve customer experience.

Tamkeen’s ongoing support crossed various aspects and contributed significantly to EazyPay’s success, and the advancement of Bahraini employment opportunities. Nayef Al Alawi, Managing Director, Founder and CEO of EazyPay, recognizes Tamkeen’s commitment by stating, “Their steadfast support is crucial to our success and a testament to their dedication in fostering innovation and growth in Bahrain’s startup ecosystem.”

As these startups’ success unfolds, one thing becomes abundantly clear: Tamkeen’s unwavering support continues to propel the innovative and ambitious spirit of entrepreneurship across Bahrain’s startup ecosystem. With each success story, Tamkeen reaffirms its role as a catalyst for transformation, and we can’t wait to see more iconic Bahraini startups take the island, then the region, by storm!