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There’s nothing more frustrating than waiting in long queues to finish an errand. It’s exhausting on both ends: to the person providing the service as well as the person waiting for the service. That’s why entrepreneurs Zaman Zaman, Alharith Alatawi, and Ricardo Gasper created Skiplino. We promise you, this app eliminates the problem of queues.

Zaman Abdulhameed Zaman, CEO of Level Z, the first startup factory in the MENA region, first decided to start Skiplino with chief operating officer Alharith Alatawi and Chief Creative Officer Ricardo Gaspar after a particularly frustrating experience as a customer: “I walked into a bank and took an e-ticket from reception to stand in a queue. As I was looking at the number, I thought to myself, “There has to be a better way.” I ended up waiting for an hour and 45 minutes, the day before Eid. I went to a friend and pitched the idea of creating a directory of queuing systems in one application with service providers, like branches of banks or telecoms.”

Skiplino is a cloud-based, intelligent queue-management system that helps businesses collect customer feedback while monitoring real-time queue information as well as the speed of services and agents.

Zaman explains, “Skiplino is the world’s most intelligent queue management system, because it puts all factors into consideration before it gives you a queue or a slot.”

Skiplino allows you to remotely book your spot and stay updated about the status of a queue. It provides you with an estimated time to get there, and lets you know the time you’ll be served. Even if you’re held up in Bahrain’s really bad traffic, the app can hold your spot while informing you about the location of delays. If you’ve had a good or bad experience, you can let it all out by submitting instant feedback and rating the agent’s performance.

So, what’s in it for businesses? Well, first of all, Skiplino is affordable and eco-friendly—and helps businesses understand their customers’ needs and expectations. It provides businesses with multiple avenues for monitoring waiting times at each location while allowing them to take immediate action based upon their customers’ feedback. Additionally, Skiplino provides businesses with the realtime statistics of each of their branches along with performance reports, thereby helping to improve customer service.

Are you interested in making your customers’ lives a hundred times easier? Sign up on Skiplino’s website!