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As a startup, growing and stabilizing your business can be an intimidating decision and requires a leap of faith, especially when strategic thinking and finances are not your biggest forte. Applying for another loan can be a deal breaker, so you start looking for other sources that can help you not only financially but also going globally. Angel investors can have a significant influence on your business model and can guide you every step of the way to ensure growing your business to where it should be. So who are they?

Tenmou is Bahrain´s first Business Angels Company that provides consultancy and capital to Bahraini entrepreneurs with high aptitude and flair for innovation and creativity. Tenmou mainly invests in media, technology, food and the entertainment industry. They help Bahraini startups who have reached a stage of attainability in their business journey and look to provide new entrepreneurs with opportunities aimed for great success through the sustenance and mentorship given by the Angel shareholders, all of whom are esteemed business people. Tenmou recently announced its partial exit from Eat App with over a 2,000% return! Eat is a restaurant booking startup mobile app that Bahrain Tenmou were initial investors in.

Nawaf Mohamed Alkoheji, the current CEO of Tenmou, started his entrepreneurial journey by launching Foods Limited, now named the Culinary Company, a company specializing in catering in the Kingdom. The CEO also gained several years of startup and SME experience while working in Tamkeen.

Tenmou came into being because of a noticeable lack of funding options for startups, along with mentorship and guidance, in exchange for equity ownership and business growth. Hence, the need in the market for such a platform made the well-established entrepreneurs become the driving force behind launching Tenmou and making a name for itself, paving the way for investment in viable and innovative startups. Thus, Tenmou has come a long way with a list of partners under its belt too; Tamkeen, Bahrain Development Bank, the Bahrain Economic Development Board, StartUp Bahrain, 500 Startups and Bahrain’s business accelerators.  

Speaking of coming a long way, Tenmou has already impacted the startup ecosystem. Since 2010, they have invested approximately 350,000 to 400,000 BHD in twenty startups, each representing a different field such as technology, entertainment, media, and restaurants.

The company is currently investing in six startups with compelling portfolios, such as Malaeb, Eat App, Fish Transporter, uTrack TV, Meal Prep and Impossible Source.

The future looks bright for Tenmou, for they are anticipating not only greater investments but also being known as the pioneers of investment field among the startup ecosystem. Tenmou is also excited to share great news; they are launching a startup and investors hub and shifting to a new location in Adliya, at the Terminal. They promise investors and startups alike to having much more in store for both! From closed offices, open co-working spaces and mentorship programs, to membership packages. Tenmou is aiming to rebrand in 2019 with a new set of goals, directions and look. On top of that, later this year Tenmou will announce the opening of startup applications to invest in, so stay tuned.