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Having a great idea is important to every startup, but that alone isn’t enough to make your startup thrive. Aside from your fantastic startup, you’ll also need an awesome marketing strategy. But for most of you, it’s simply not that realistic to spend a lot of money on marketing, especially if you just started your startup!

Wait, don’t give up just yet! were giving you 6 impactful and affordable marketing strategies that will launch your startup to new heights.

1.Referrals – One of the most cost-effective marketing tips. In fact, a lot of businesses; be it small or big, adopt this kind of marketing tip. Simply create a system that lets your customers do all the talking. For instance; you could offer your customers a discount on their subscriptions or an offer, or even a cash reward in exchange for referring a new customer. Did you know? People are four times more likely to buy a product when it’s referred to them by a friend.


2. Press releases and news features – If you have something newsworthy to announce, chances are most news outlets will gladly report it for you. Press releases are an inexpensive approach to get your brand stated in major publications, and possibly pick up some inbound links along the way. If you don’t mind doing all the work yourself, hunting down and emailing journalists, press releases can become be a free marketing strategy!


3. Social media marketing – Social media is open freely for anyone to use whether for personal or commercial purposes! You might need to invest your time in it but once you figured it out, you can do wonders with it! Start off by creating profiles for your business on big platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Expand out your profiles, and start pushing out content that your target market would like.

Be proactive and reach out to individuals, and make sure to grow your connections. With time, you could grow an audience of thousands of followers, becoming a stream of traffic to your site or app!

4. Email marketing – Email marketing prevails as one of the most affordable marketing strategies around, with some sources claiming a whopping return on investment (ROI) of 400 percent or more! We think that as long as you have an organically curated list and aren’t heartlessly spamming your subscribers, email marketing is your go-to tool for getting messages directly to your clients and customers.


5. Piggyback your local startup community – Whether it’s promoting your startups launch or celebrating the new collaboration, piggybacking on another well-grown platform is a smart move to get your startup in front of potential investors or clients. Think of Airbnb’s integration with Craigslist, a perfect example of ad hoc integration to acquire users! So next time you want the word about your product out there, get in touch with the StartUp Bahrain community via this awesome tool.

Don’t over complicate it, just find the right platform you can leverage to grow your startup and create a strategy that works to acquire new customers and potential investors.

With these marketing on a budget ways, we’re pretty confident that your startup is going to be out there for the world to see!

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