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A startup’s team is one of its most valuable assets and it’s crucial for you as a startup owner to not only focus on recruiting the best talent out there but to foster an environment that boosts your team’s productivity and high morale. Teamwork is a crucial element in any company, but even more for startups that need its employees to work closely together at all times.

Here are 5 tips startup owners must know to have an effective team:

  1. Hire the right kind of people.
    Before trying to manage an effective team, focus on hiring the right people. Co-founder & CEO of GetBaqala, Amjad Puliyali stressed the importance of choosing the team carefully, especially in the startup world, since no startup founder has the time nor energy to manage people. So in order to avoid the hassle, he suggests to identify and understand the kind of character, skills, and personality you’re looking for in a team player. Different roles will require a different set of characters for instance; developers are less likely to be proactive compared to customer service.
  2. Build trust and respect among your team.
    It’ll be extremely difficult to get things done with a team that doesn’t trust nor respect one another. While handling a team comprising of 35 employees from diverse cultures, beliefs, and backgrounds, Amjad told StartUp Bahrain that it’s crucial to understand your team and foster transparency while communicating with one another. Being honest with who you are professionally as well as treat them the way you want to be treated.
  3. Give out crystal clear roles and responsibilities.
    It’s crucial for every team member to have a clear understanding of what is expected out of their roles and responsibilities. Co-Founder & CEO of ONEGCC Alharith Alatawi believes that one of the key elements that define a startup is their agility and ability to adapt to market requirements quickly. Putting processes in place may hinder that ability and make the company more rigid when it comes to delivering a service or product. With effective communication and teamwork, an entrepreneur can find a balance between imposing workflows and allowing employees to be creative and truly contribute to the startups goals and objectives.
  4. Mediate conflict quickly and efficiently.
    With all the pending tasks and an overwhelming workload, conflicts between teammates will arise. But what’s the simplest way to manage conflict? Co-Founder of ONEGCC, Alharith told us that it’s very important to look at the timing when it comes to managing conflict. If you have clear evidence an employee’s misconduct then you should take action immediately, especially if it’s affecting other’s performance. If an employee has a track-record of wrongdoings and it keeps being ignored with no action, not only will the team morale get low but colleagues will also start losing respect for you as a leader.
  5. Recognize good work.
    Praising and recognizing a job well done will boost confidence and morale, encouraging teams and individuals to keep up the good work. This does not require much effort from you, so next time someone does something great, make sure you praise them! Acknowledging and honoring team wins helps reinforce your team’s willingness to work in synergy and work hard together for your startup.Want people to know about your startup but lack the money for it? Then check out these 5 effective ways to promote your startup on a budget.