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Companies and startups who put most of their efforts on their customers are much more likely to deliver high-quality customer experiences and get higher customer retention rates.

That’s why Mohammad Abu Musa, a passionate tech serial entrepreneur, who enjoys creating services that solve common business needs, introduced Users Proof. The name speaks for itself, Users Proof is a testing platform that helps startups and companies get insights on their customers. In case you didn’t know, Users Proof is also part of the fifth cohort of C5’s Cloud10 Scalerator program. The startup joined the program due to a number of opportunities including: market access to the GCC, funding, business development and its partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS).

The platform helps in increasing revenue by testing websites and mobile apps with users who deliver audio, video, and written feedback. In other words, you will be able to know what your customers are doing on your website and apps as well as the rationale behind it.

The inspiration behind Users Proof according to Mohammad, rose from the amount of challenges business owners and marketers faced while trying to understand their customer/ user behavior on their websites and apps. “That motivated us to help ourselves and others who are in the same boat with us to build a testing service that helps us understand if our product provides the business value they are meant to deliver.” He added.

Don’t forget to follow Users Proof on Twitter, LinkedIn, and website for upcoming announcements on user experience testing. Learn more about C5’s Cloud10 Scalerator program here.