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What’s hot in the middle of winter? The StartUp Bahrain ecosystem obviously (#DadJokes), but seriously, with this much of a boom in the community, we could honestly tell you with certainty, and a dash of positivity, that climate change is real and Brinc’s newest cohort, is heating up the airwaves and keeping us warm during these cold months.

For their fall line-up, The Internet of Things (IoT) accelerator Brinc will be hosting three technology and most importantly IoT based solution providers. Brinc was not kidding when they chose the startups for their line-up because they are on fire:

Yups Tech Solutions, India

This startup operates under the umbrella of the construction industry; they are a technology-driven company that primarily focuses on the design and manufacturing elements of IoT products that are later on set to be sold to a variety of enterprises. Yups also serves as a platform that connects workers and assets with enterprises, incorporating sensing, computing and analytics technology. With the aid of their key product, Aadi, a smart wearable that is used for reasons such as the safety and productivity of the workforce.

Smart Data Logger, Jordan

This IoT- based logistics solution startup doesn’t only ensure the safety of your deliveries but also provides real-time updates in regards to the temperature a package is stored. In addition to services such as connecting those within the supply chain with one another through the journey from the point of drop off, until the port of destination.

Kanooq, Canada

Kanooq is an advanced data-driven platform whereby they use and analyze data for safety monitoring in industrial applications. What that means is that Kanooq can predict when and if something will go wrong by analyzing the set of data fed to it. For instance, Kanooq will be able to monitor oil and gas pipelines, and monitor autonomous vehicles – these are just some of the little things that Kanooq has to offer.

There you have it, the three smoking startups that will be lighting up the stage and that Brinc will be hosting for their line-up. We welcome these startups into the community with open arms and wish them and Brinc the best of luck. We are very much looking forward to seeing what they have to offer next, and with their Demo Day only days away, we’re sitting back and patiently waiting for something no short of spectacular.

Want to know more about Brinc and their startups? Then head over to their website or visit their Instagram, and Facebook to find out more. Or better yet, come down to their Demo Day today! If you can’t make it, don’t worry we’ve got you covered, make sure to follow us on Instagram for some live coverage.

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