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On the off chance that you have come to believe leaders are born, not made, it’s high time you ditched that outdated management myth. While you are at it, you might as well familiarize yourself with Sarah Schwab, the Founder & CEO of ‘The Experience Accelerator’, that is now based in Bahrain.

Sarah describes The Experience Accelerator as a virtual learning platform designed to “accelerate world-class leadership using a combination of visualization, practice & feedback techniques.” The platform deploys cutting edge digital technologies to facilitate exhaustive training and mentorship sessions aimed at two different groups of users:

  • Those new to a leadership role in their organization and without adequate internal support to get cozy with the new position and the responsibilities it tags along.
  • Those with a strong theoretical foundation to evolve into great leaders, but without a working mechanism to translate that knowledge into action.

“In short, we build the behavioral skills necessary for managers to become great leaders,” says Sarah, who has about 20 years of experience in the field of management and leadership development.

Speaking of her experience running her startup in Bahrain so far, Sarah said: “The Economic Development Board (EDB) and Tamkeen (Labor Fund) have been incredibly supportive and there’s a warmth and sense of community within the start-up community in Bahrain which means a great deal when one is away from one’s own family. There’s an innovative spirit in many Heads of HR (our main customers) here”.

The Experience Accelerator claims to be different from other similar initiatives in that it takes affordability and scalability of e-learning and combines them with high-impact learning techniques from the world of coaching. The company delivers all of it in a single package, which is cost-efficient, unique, and cutting-edge.

The company is also planning on incorporating virtual reality in training sessions to enhance participants’ leadership skills by helping them view their own decisions and behavior from the perspective of others.