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In today’s world, online customers are the biggest influencers and frequent buyers of any product you sell. And clever entrepreneurs like you, gain by selling products and services in an e-commerce shop targeting those customers. However, it can get overwhelming for you entrepreneurs that are trying to sort your way through the process of getting your e-commerce store up and running.

But what if we told that you can get an e-commerce site that gives the look and feel of real-life stores? Ommatee, a startup based in Bahrain; recently enrolled in C5’s Cloud10 Scalerator program, offers a SaaS technology platform that uses Mixed Reality (MR) to enable online retailers to create 3D stores and virtual Ecommerce sites. Putting things into simpler terms, entrepreneurs can create an actual 3D store with the branding, messaging and environment to communicate and create a bespoke experience for online customers!

CEO of Ommatee, Chuck Allen told us how Ommatee creates a whole different experience for both online retailers and customers.

  • Exact Replica 3D ‘Virtual Smart Stores’ for Retail Brands

Ommatee is able to create a virtual 3D replica of your physical store allowing online retailers to showcase all of your SKUs in ultra-realistic 3D. And having a virtual store that replicates your physical store allows retailers to take a more holistic omni-channel approach to their customers.

  • Offers ‘In Real Life’ shopping experiences to Customers

The virtual store gives your customers the look and feel of shopping in your brick-and-mortar store and provides them with online ‘In Real Life’ shopping experiences with complete ability to move around the virtual store.

  • Ultra-realistic 3D browsing, shopping & viewing of all merchandise

With Ommatee your customers are able to research, shop and browse the virtual 3D store looking at products in 3D and selecting items off the shelves to add to their cart OR to just purchase a few items.

  • 1:1 Customer Insights & Personalization in Real-Time

Since customers can ‘virtually walk’ through the store, the online retailer can extract every piece of data (the ‘micro-moments’) about their shopping experience (together with data from other channels – traditional AND social media) in real time. That deep and rich data is far beyond anything available using traditional eCommerce platforms and allows online retailers to create meaningful and unique insights about customer needs and preferences in REAL TIME and then to personalize the shopping experience for each individual customer in REAL TIME.

  • Improving Customer Experiences and Increasing Average Order Value and Customer Loyalty

Online retailers are able to do things in the virtual store that would be practically impossible in the physical stores opening the door up for promotions, virtual assistants, branding on the ‘virtual walls’ by the retailers brands, etc. The virtual store gives your customers a reason to actually shop in your store (as opposed to just buying a couple of items) leading to increased Average Order Value and customer loyalty. Customers that shop spend 1.3% more for every 1% more time spent shopping. And that leads to better ROIs and increased revenues.

Ommatee’s technology platform works on every connected device and allows online retailers to offer 3D virtual replicas of their physical stores with every SKU being available in ultra-realistic 3D detail for customer purchase.

Ommatee felt that Bahrain, in particular, and the MENA region, in general, represented tremendous opportunities because of the high percentage of shoppers and younger shoppers using connected devices, the desire among retailers to be able to offer online shopping experiences and the relative wealth that exists in the region. According to the Seedstars Startup 2018 report, Bahrain was lauded for its high internet penetration rate amounting of more than 90% making it one of the highest on the planet!

Chuck added, “The C5’s Cloud10 Scalerator offered Ommatee an opportunity to work within Bahrain and the MENA region to find new opportunities for both retailers that could use our technology platform, potential partners, and potential funding sources. We felt that the C5’s Cloud 10 SCALERATOR represented the very best group for offering Ommatee access to those potential opportunities as well as helping us to create positive results in terms of potential clients, partners and investors.”