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If you have been among those who have encountered a frustrating experience making sure all the right elements are in place for good security of your cloud set up, then we at StartUp Bahrain have good news for you! Or should we say we have ‘drie’ for you?!

drie is Bahrain, Dubai and London-based business with deep cloud expertise that the team have gained over the last 10 years working with the likes of the UK Government or the Bank of England. drie has been in Bahrain for over a year now and helps businesses like Bahrain Development Bank migrate to the cloud.

The vision behind drie, as Jeremy Suarez, Co-founder and COO of drie states is to help organizations, right from startup to enterprise, to be able to make fast, efficient and secure use of public cloud. Speaking to StartUp Bahrain, Jeremy says, ‘We want all companies to be able to take advantage of the flexibility, speed and affordability of the cloud to build new and exciting services. We also help teams that want to move to the cloud, learn about developing software in a cloud-native way.’

It is interesting to note how drie caters to the needs of the different startups doing exciting things in MENA region by giving them a way of securely implementing continuous software delivery on to the cloud. This means that startups can spend a lot less time trying to build their infrastructure and a lot more time working on their application. drie also makes it easy for startups to scale up so that as their businesses grow, they don’t have to worry about their infrastructure not keeping up with their respective users.

When asked about the major challenges that the drie team has encountered in their journey so far, Jeremy cited getting people to understand that cloud can offer even better security options than using traditional data-centres as one of the major challenges. This is because most people believe that cloud is not secure because they do not personally have access to all of the parts of the infrastructure. ‘I often say to people that the major cloud providers have 100x as many people working on the security of their infrastructure than you would have. It gets people thinking!’ Jeremy said.

Interesting fact, the name drie stems from the term “drie” which means ​“three” ​in Afrikaans, ​a ​major ​language ​in ​South ​Africa and symbolizes the three co-founders of the business.

drie had chosen C5 to accelerate their startup and in Jeremy’s words, ‘C5 has been a key partner for us coming to the MENA region, they have supported the goals we have here and we have a very close working relationship so that we can take utilize each other’s skills. They have a fantastic network in the region and are respected as a key global player in the cloud and security market When we first started talking to them we couldn’t believe how well our goals match theirs! They want to enable companies across the globe to make effective and secure use of cloud. It was a very easy decision to make!’

As drie looks for opportunities to expand further in bringing their expertise to other emerging cloud regions, we wish them all the best for their future endeavours!