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As 2020 comes closer to end, we’re all more than familiar with the term ‘new normal’ and all that comes with it for startup founders and entrepreneurs: be it with remote working, emerging technologies, or quick solutions. 

Now, more than ever, it’s evident that having your typical office isn’t a necessity to function your startup; it could rather serve as a liability instead. So what to do? You surely can’t work from home forever, especially with a team that’s growing in numbers. The answer lies in one thing: Co-working spaces. We’re introducing you to one in Bahrain, right where you should be. Have you heard of The Collective Hub?

As its name suggests, it’s a co-working space and incubator that collectively unites both startups and investors under one awesome roof  in the heart of one of Bahrain’s hottest areas: Adliya!

What’s so special about The Collective Hub?

We’ve clearly established that their location is awesome, but do you know why? The lively Adliya is at the center of Manama, having everything you need just around the corner. You have all the entities you might want to get in touch with closeby, most notably the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism, as well all the best restaurants to grab a bite to eat and wind down after a long week right across the road.  

Apart from that, here’s a list of some of the things you get, just to give you a taste of things:

  1. Private phone booths. For you to take those long calls you get so often without feeling discomforted or worrying if you’re bothering others as they work. It’s just you, your phone, and your private booth! Unfortunately, it doesn’t time travel. Yet.
  2. REALLY good WiFi. This one goes without say, it’s fundamental to have a stable WiFi connection, always; but a little extra more these days since pretty much everything is being done online that the last thing you need is your internet failing you. Well, you don’t have to worry about that with The Collective, scout’s honor!
  3. Bookable meeting rooms. Say goodbye to having meetings at your closest Starbucks! (No judgment here, we like Starbucks, but you need some privacy for big meetings.) Whether it’s a team meeting, or you’re having externals come over, you have access to bookable meeting rooms right where you are.
  4. Ample networking opportunities. Remember how we mentioned that The Collective unites both investors and startups? Yes, this comes in extremely handy when it comes to networking. By simply existing there, you find yourself surrounded by like-minded, knowledgeable, and driven individuals. Not only so, you also get to benefit from The Collective’s own wide network of connections. After all, connections introduce opportunities.
  5. A great work space. We have pics to back us up on this one, check out their Instagram over here.  
  6. Free water, coffee and snacks. Uhm, who doesn’t like free snacks? This point needs no elaboration. Of course water, being a human-sustainability-necessity, is important too. But free snacks!
  7. Exciting events calendar. 2020 has been the year where events are virtual, being part of The Collective gives you insights on those that you simply must attend, and with the year coming closer to an end, you’re guaranteed an upcoming year of more exciting events (virtual, or if things got better, non-virtual!).
  8. Easy expansion into KSA. Tenmou, Bahrain’s Angel Investment Company that co-powers The Collective Hub, has recently signed an MoU with Invest In Saudi to help their startups expand to Saudi. So if that’s something you’re looking into, kudos on having this awesome opportunity.

Great, we want in. Are there any packages?

The short answer is YES. The slightly longer answer can be detailed through their Instagram post over here. Basically, you can opt for either the monthly package, or the yearly one. 

  1. For the monthly package, you can register either as a single person, or for a team, bearing in mind that the minimum period is 3 months for both. 

As a single person, you have plenty of options in terms of what you can register for; an office and CR included. 

For the team option, you have unlimited options for desks, each for a different price.

  1. As for the yearly package, you get a CR with any of the following options; 

The ONE:ONE package (1 fixed desk, and 1 hot desk).

The TWO:TWO package (2 fixed desks, and 2 hot desks).

The THREE:THREE package (3 fixed desks, and 3 hot desks).

If you have any questions about The Collective Hub, feel welcome to reach out to StartUp Bahrain using any of our social media channels over at Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn!