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We have got some exciting news for you Bahraini gamers! The IGN Convention, in collaboration with the Bahrain Gaming Experience, is coming back to Bahrain for the 5th time!

This year’s IGN Convention will be hosted by Tarteeb Events at the Bahrain International Circuit this coming weekend on the 20th and 21st of October. It is sponsored by Bahrain Tourism & Exhibitions Authority, VIVA Bahrain, StartUp Bahrain, Tamkeen and YK Al-Moayyed.

This year’s event is going to be so much fun! It will be packed with awesome activities for you gamers – a cosplay competition, video games, tournaments, music, live entertainment and so much more. And let’s not forget, they’re bringing in some popular celebrities just for you. Trust us – you’ll be kept on your toes the entire two days.

We’re psyched about the IGN Convention and decided to compile for you a list of what’s going to happen during the convention:

  1. Superman, Batman, Harley Quinn, Wonder Woman, whatever you come as! You will be able to flaunt your amazing costume and be in the running to be one of the three winners of the Cosplay Competition. First prize will be BD 150, second BD 100, and third BD 50. You can register for the Cosplay Competition here.
  2. FIFA Fans, this one’s for you – there’s going to be a FIFA 18 tournament where you can either play individually or in a team. Singles’ prizes are BD 200 for first place, and BD 50 for second place, while doubles’ prizes are BD 100 for first place. You can register for the tournament on the day of the event.
  3. Some cool card game tournaments are going to be featured such as Bahraini Deal, Magic The Gathering, YuGiOh! by Gamersden, Vanguard and Pokemon by Howayate.
  4. Other awesome tournaments include Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, Pokken, ARMS, Smash Bros Wii U, Ultra Street Fighter II, and Super Mario Bro’s Speedrun NES.
  5. Are you into video games? Because Tarteeb and IGN are also bringing in Call of Duty, Overwatch, Nintendo Switch Games, and last but not least, the famous mobile app game Clash Royale Tournament.
  6. You get to challenge your friends at the Spider Laser Challenge, where two participants challenge each other at the same time by approaching the finish line without touching the laser line! The total tracked time for each participant may qualify them for a grand prize!
  7. There’s also going to be some more cool activities for you guys including a Carnival, the Scorpion game, in addition to experiencing VR, and even challenging yourself and see if you can get yourself out of the Maze Game.
  8. Oh, and for people who love haunted houses, FACTORY-13 is coming back again!
  9. For all the Game of Thrones fans out there, Danish actor Pilou Asbaek, best known for his role as Euron Greyjoy in the 6th & 7th seasons of GoT is coming just to see you!
  10. Heard some wrestler is coming? Yep, you heard right. The American professional wrestler Oscar Gutierrez, better known as Rey Mysterio, who has held the WWE Champion title and was once the Royal Rumble winner, will be right around your corner this weekend.
  11. The Japanese-Arabic speaking fellow is also coming to the IGN! You will be able to see Shams Qamar, aka Akira Takatoriya, the man most known for his love of Kabsa and Kunafa is coming this weekend.
  12. There will be some live on-stage concerts featuring Bahraini rock band The Experiment, who are going to play a tribute to Linkin Park.
  13. You surely don’t want to miss out on Bahrain’s favorite EMCee Baraa Abdulla, now would you?
  14. You know what else? Some of the most innovative startups will be exhibiting at the convention! These include Howayte, Onmola, and many more!
  15. Oh and guess who’s coming all the way from Japan? Yep, Group will be there this weekend to showcase their products including Gunpla, Nendoroid, Figma and more!

Don’t forget to get your tickets! They’re BD 8 for one day, BD 12 for two days and BD 50 for VIP. You can purchase them from the following stores: Virgin Megastore in Bahrain City Centre, Euphoria in Seef, AlTuraiki Technology in Riffa, Star Shine in Arad and Muharraq, Planet Games in Riffa, Mental Games in Jid Ali, and Gamer’s Den in Saudi Arabia. You can also get your e-ticket from Tarteeb’s website here.

Make sure you follow us on Twitter and Instagram for our awesome live coverage. Who knows, your awesome costume might just make an appearance!

For more information about the event visit the IGN Convention’s website here or email You can also follow their updates by follow Tarteeb’s instagram here.