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HP Spring Studios, in collaboration with HQ by Hope and Startup Bahrain, successfully hosted an event titled “Bahrain as a Fintech Launchpad in the Middle East” recently. This event brought together industry leaders, entrepreneurs, and experts to discuss Bahrain’s emerging role as a thriving fintech hub in the region.

The panel discussion, moderated by Sam Yearsley, Head of Venture Building in HP Spring Studios, featured panelists who shared their valuable insights and experiences. The panelists included Ali Ghuloom from the National Bank of Bahrain, Mohamed Alaali from Bahrain Islamic Bank, and Chris Purdie from Receiptable.

“Collaboration is key to driving innovation and delivering enhanced financial services to customers in Bahrain and beyond,” said Ali Ghuloom, Group Head of Technology and Enterprise Architecture at the National Bank of Bahrain, highlighted the importance of fostering partnerships between financial institutions and fintech startups. Furthermore, he noted the critical role of Artificial Intelligence in enriching these offerings, explaining that AI’s advanced analytics and personalized services are transforming customer experiences in the financial industry.

Islamic finance

“Bahrain’s Islamic finance ecosystem provides a unique platform for fintech companies to develop Sharia-compliant solutions, catering to the growing demand for ethical financial services.” Stated Mohamed Alaali, Chief Strategy & Sustainability Officer at Bahrain Islamic Bank, shedding light on the significant role of Islamic finance in promoting fintech adoption.
“Bahrain’s regulatory framework, access to funding, and supportive ecosystem make it an ideal launchpad for fintech ventures looking to expand their presence in the Middle East.” Said Chris Purdie, Founder and CEO of Receiptable.
“Our objective was to shed light on Bahrain’s potential as a fintech launchpad, exploring the collaborative efforts between financial institutions, startups, and government entities to foster innovation and drive the growth of the fintech sector.” Stated Moderator Sam Yearsley highlighting the aim of the panel.
The event served as a platform for networking, knowledge exchange, and identifying opportunities for further collaboration. It showcased Bahrain’s commitment to becoming a leading fintech hub, attracting entrepreneurs, investors, and innovators from around the world.