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Press Release.

Zain Bahrain (BSE: ZAINBH), a telecommunications industry innovator in the Kingdom, continues to elevate the customer service experience with its new omnichannel engagement platform through a collaboration with Genesys®, one of the world’s premier contact center technology providers, a global cloud leader in customer experience orchestration. The service aims to provide personalized customer service across channels, as well as faster and more consistent level of support.  

The new omnichannel engagement platform delivers exceptional customer service and an effortless experience that creates seamless, integrated, personalized engagements across every touchpoint, throughout the customer service journey. 

Zain Bahrain customers and support agents can move between service channels, maintaining the service history.  In this way, each request builds upon the previous ones, and customers will be attended in a personalized and proactive matter. 

Zain Bahrain CEO, Duncan Howard said: “Zain Bahrain always places the highest effort to delight its customers. Customers expect fast, round-the-clock support and consistent service across all touch-points and channels of engagement. Zain Bahrain’s omnichannel engagement strategy is indispensable to allow us to engage with customers effectively and enhance their experience. We are glad to announce this first in market capability which will enable us to continue to focus on delighting our customers.”

Genesys ME Managing Director, Amr Almasri said: “Partnering with Genesys, Zain Bahrain now delivers true omni-channel orchestrated customer experiences for both their customers and employees, allowing customers to engage with Zain using the channel of their choice, whether that is voice, social media, WhatsApp or Web Messenger, Zain Bahrain customers are ensured to always get the service they need, when they need it.

But Genesys Cloud CX doesn’t stop there, empowering employees using Genesys Cloud CX is a main attribute that allows Zain Bahrain to excel, from Gamification and Quality Management to AI Powered Scheduling and Forecasting, Zain Bahrain employees are ensured to have the needed knowledge, skills, and empowerment when handling customer requests, at all times. The speed of innovation which Genesys Cloud CX delivers ensures that Zain Bahrain will provide lasting customer experiences and go-to-market faster than ever with continuous innovative Genesys Cloud CX feature releases.”

Zain Bahrain’s goal is to provide service in a fast and friendly manner which values the Customers’ time. The telco continuously invests toward enhancing the end-user experience by implementing the most advanced and innovative technologies as part of its commitment to improving digital accessibility for customers.